Meet Potty Man

The Beginning

Potty Man Portables started when a friend with a small portable toilet business decided to retire, starting us off with only with only 12 "good" portable toilets. With the addition of a small storage complex, we were able to grow the business, and 18 years later Potty Man is still going strong with expansions of our service areas and additions of new services offered.

The Potty Man

Chris earned his Ph.D. at the University of Georgia in Biochemistry and Molecular. After working at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for over 5 years, he decided to move back home and take over the family business so the original Potty Man Robert could retire. While running a service-based business is very different from the old days at UGA and the CDC, he hopes to bring experience in working with many different people and projects to all Potty Man customers. Chris is committed to continue to provide the exceptional customer service and support in which Potty Man customers are accustomed.

R. Chris Hopkins, Ph.D.

CFO, Potty Man Portables